Many of our clients would like to donate to a good, worthwhile charity project. However, the problem usually is that the money often disappears in a big hole. Does this sound familiar?

Villa Cape supports the Christine Revell Children’s Home which cares for 49 abused, abandoned, neglected or orphaned children from birth to five years old, irrespective of gender, race, religion or HIV status.  The origins of the Christine Revell Children’s Home go back more than 60 years, having been started by a community worker, Christine Revell, to care for young unwed mothers.

The Board of Trustees, director and staff, together with the help of volunteers, strive to nurture and develop every child in need, and work towards their successful re-integration into a family and the community.

The Home receives a subsidy from the Provincial Government of the Western Cape, which covers just over half its expenses. For the rest, the Home relies on the generosity of the public and its own fund-raising attempts.
Visitors: Day visitors are very welcome on prior consultation. A tour through the building takes approximately 20-30 minutes, possible in the morning from 8:30 – 12:00 hrs and between 14:30- 16:00hrs.

Monetary donations are needed and used for operational costs: baby formula milk, first aid box requirements and replacements, special medication and ointments that are not provided by state hospitals; fruit and vegetables, cleaning material and lots more. The Board meets four times a year for discussions on broad policies. There is a management board that meets once a month. The day-to-day management is in the hands of the managing director, Ms Alicia Rhoda.

The Home is registered with the Department of Social Services of the Western Cape and receives a small monthly subsidy per child.

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